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Pulse Tool for Android Tactical Assault Kit

Side Loaded plugin allows for Digitally Aided Medical Data and field care reporting from point of the injury through transport to an acute care facility.

Tactical Data Networking Solutions

Leveraging the latest technology to meet customer requirements for network solutions.

Custom Software Development

RAIN provides full life-cycle software engineering, applications development, and IT management. We develop cutting-edge software products using flexible, agile methodologies.


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Leveraging the latest in wearable technology by partnering with companies that are on the forefront technology


Patchd uses proprietary deep learning technology, and wearable devices, to predict sepsis in high risk patients at home. Our early studies have shown we can predict sepsis 8 hours earlier, and more accurately than existing standards of care

Recon Health

Recon Health enables real time continuous health monitoring for individuals managing chronic diseases at home.

About Rain Technologies

Integrating The Latest Innovations in Wearable Technologies

Rain Technologies has developed the Pulse Tool plugin integrated into the ATAK operating environment. Pulse enables connectivity from android device to wearable devices in order to receive biometric data and broadcast over a closed network. Pulse transmits warfighter data sets as an automated, prolonged vital sign monitoring system before and after point of injury while managing data flow over data linked networks. Users transmit and receive biometric data from every connected node in the closed network. Data is relayed to all critical nodes in the network.

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